​Official NACSW™
NW1, L2I and L2C
June 29 and 30, 2024

Santa Clara Elementary School, 20030 East Telegraph Rd Santa Paula, CA 93060

It is not appropriate to contact or visit the event location prior to the event date, nor should training take place on event
grounds once an event is approved/announced. Our locations are real life search environments where people work, go to
school, etc. Pre-event contact or visits risk the host losing the opportunity to use the location again in the future.

Volunteers Needed!!!!

Trial Host:
Pink Biscuit K9s

Trial Host Contact Info:

NW1: Saturday June 29, 2024

L2I: Sunday Morning June 30, 2024

L2C: Sunday Afternoon June 30, 2024

​Very short wait list

Certifying Official:
Jessica Koester

Barbara Schwerdt
Diane Baley

Entry Cost:
NW1: $160 per dog and handler team
Level 2: $110 per dog and handler team

Number of Entries:
NW1: 50 entries
EST Level 2: 28 Entries

One dog per handler per level/element.

Trial Entry Open and Closing
● The draw period for the trial will open on Wednesday May 15, 2024 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Entries will be
awarded by random draw of all entries received between 9:00 AM Pacific Time May 15, 2024 and 9:00 AM Pacific
Time May 17, 2024
. Trial entry will close at the end of the draw if the trial and wait list are deemed full. If the trial
and wait list are not full, the trial will remain open for entries until they are deemed full or the day of the trial.
● We will not be taking payment until you are given a space in the trial. If you are given a space in the trial, you will
receive information on how to submit payment. You will then have 48 hours to complete your payment to confirm
your space in the trial.

Entry Method:
All entries will be on-line via the link provided to the NACSW trial entry form. Paper and phone entries will not be
accepted. Completing the form is not a guarantee of entry. You will receive a confirmation from the Pink Biscuit K9s to let
you know if your entry has been given a space in the trial.

Entry Requirements & Selection:
A Qualified Entry is one that meets all the following criteria:
1. Complete the on-line trial entry during the draw period listed above.
2. The Handler is a NACSW member in good standing for the 2023-2024 membership year.
3. The Dog is registered and in good standing with the NACSW.
4. Dogs participating in a trial must be at least one year of age.
5. The Dog has achieved the prior title level and ORT title (passed all 3 odors) at least 14 days before the
trial opens for entries. This applies to all levels.
Qualified entry for NW1 – Dog has not yet earned a NW1 title level.
Qualified entry for Level 2 Containers – Dog has earned the Level 1 title for Containers but has not yet
earned the Level 2 title for Containers.
Qualified entry for Level 2 Interiors – Dog has earned the Level 1 title for Interiors but has not yet earned
the Level 2 title for Interiors.

Trial spaces will be determined in the following manner:
● Spaces will be awarded by a random draw of all Qualified Entries received during the draw period listed above.
● Once the trial opens for entry, if you are having technical difficulties entering during the 48-hour draw period,
please email trialentry@nacsw.net prior to the end of the draw period. For any other questions that are not related
to the trial entry system, contact the Pinkbiscuitk9s@gmail.com.
● No dog will be given a space in more than one trial of the same level and type at a single event.
● You may enter multiple dogs for entry in the draw. However, only one dog/handler per title level will be accepted
into the trial. Entry will go to the dog selected in the draw – you may not swap to an alternate dog. If multiple dogs
are selected in the draw, you may select which dog you wish to enter. Once a dog has been entered as a second
dog/handler entry, you may not swap handlers after the draw to change the entry to a first dog/handler unless the
trial is not full.
● If a trial level is not full after the draw of Qualified Entries, then there will be a Secondary Draw of any entries
received that did not meet the ORT title or title requirements. These entries will be accepted pending completion
of the requirements. Note: dogs must earn their ORT title and prior title level at least 3 days prior to the trial date
to be eligible to compete. If the required title or ORT title is earned less than 14 days prior to the event, it is the
handler’s responsibility to notify the Pinkbiscuitk9s@gmail.com that the requirement has been completed.
● If the trial level and wait list are not full after all entries received during the draw period have been processed,
entries will continue to be accepted in the order they are received until the trial and wait list are deemed full.
● For Exhibit Only Dogs (FEO): Dogs running FEO are not eligible to receive titles or earn placement ribbons. FEO
results will not be included in the posted trial results.

If space remains after all qualified entries are accommodated on May 22, 2024, then we will offer spaces for those
who wish to run a dog For Exhibition Only (FEO). Second dog/handler FEO entries on the same day will be
offered spaces after May 29, 2024.
The trial host of an event has the right to refuse entry of any handler or dog for just cause as approved by the
National Trial Committee. Just cause includes lack of adherence to NACSW rules and guidelines and the policies
outlined in each event entry premium.
● Some trial entries may be given priority entry based on contributions to the organization and the trial process.

You will be notified via e-mail of the results of the random draw by 9:00 AM Monday May 20, 2024.
If you have a spam blocker on your email account, please configure it to allow email from Pinkbiscuitk9s@gmail.com
in order to ensure delivery of confirmation and information about this trial.
You will then have 48 hours to complete your payment to confirm your space in the trial. Trial payments are payable to
Pink Biscuit K9s by PayPal or credit card PayPal and credit card are paid through the PayPal site - no PayPal account
A waiting list for alternates will be started as soon as entries fill.
Alternates will be contacted when a space opens.
Depending on last minute event logistics, we may opt to not fill all canceled spaces.
NACSW reserves the right to cancel an event if minimum entry numbers are not met.
Be sure you read and understand the guidelines for this event before entering. By submitting a registration for this
NACSW event, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and accept the policies and liability information of

The following cancellation policy applies:
● For cancellation of entries on or before 9:00 AM June 13, 2024 – Full refund minus a $25 processing fee.
● For cancellation of entries between 9:00 AM June 13, 2024 and before 9:00 June 25, 2024– Full refund minus a
$25 processing fee if the host fills your space. No refund will be issued if the host doesn’t fill your space. If the
space is filled with a discounted or free entry, you will receive a refund dependent on the income from the
replacement entry.
● For cancellation of entries after 9:00 AM June 25, 2024 – 50% of the trial entry fee will be refunded if the host fills
your space. No refund will be issued if the host doesn’t fill your space. If the space is filled with a discounted or
free entry, you will receive a refund dependent on the income from the replacement entry.
If you earn the title that makes you no longer eligible for the level you are entered, then you must contact the trial host to
cancel your entry and will be subject to the published cancellation policy. You may opt to change your entry to an FEO
entry in this case and will be placed on the FEO waitlist and only receive a space in the trial if the host is accepting FEO

All cancellations must be emailed to the Pinkbiscuitk9s@gmail.com
For cancellations that meet the above guidelines, refunds will be issued within 30 days of the request and no later than 14
days after the event date.
Entry fees shall not be refunded if a dog or handler is absent, disqualified, or excused by the NACSW official or judge.
This cancellation and refund policy applies to handlers that must withdraw for any reason including but not limited to
injury, illness, emergency, and personal or work-related reasons.
If the event cannot take place or be completed by reason of fire, civil disturbances, an Act of God, public emergency, or
any other cause beyond the control of the event organizers, then the event host will make their best effort to provide
partial refunds after recouping their expenses.

ADA Site Specific Conditions
This trial location is a rural school. Adjacent to a busy 4 lane road. The entire school is fenced the parking lot is a
grass field. Pathways and search areas may require you to navigate uneven terrain. Stairs (5-6) may be needed to
enter or exit a search area. There will be long walks to the search areas that will involve change of surfaces.
Due to unforeseen conditions, such as weather or change in availability of areas at the location, these conditions
may be modified at the last minute.

Modeled after real-life detection work, NACSW events are held in many different locations, with a variety of terrain, under
varying weather conditions. Dogs and handlers need to be able to safely negotiate a variety of surfaces, including, but not
limited to, tile, linoleum, carpeting, gravel, asphalt, uneven surfaces, and slippery footing. Handlers should be prepared to
deal with a variety of weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain and snow. Events frequently require covering extensive
distances to get to and from the parking area to each of the search areas and generally require that this be done across
natural, uneven surfaces. Handlers should be prepared for the physical demands and must be able to navigate the terrain
with their dog accordingly. Handlers should expect to spend most of the day outside or in their vehicles as there are rarely
indoor crating options at events. Please be prepared for you and your canine partner to deal with all of these varying
environmental challenges. Handlers should familiarize themselves with potential regional risks and health concerns that
may affect themselves or their dogs. Handlers agree that they are entering this event at their own risk.

Due to unforeseen conditions, such as weather or change in availability of areas at the location, the details below
may need to be modified at the last minute.

The parking lot will be grass with no extra space between vehicles. There will not be space for side ramps from
your vehicle.

RV Parking:
NO RVs at this site. There will be limited space for larger vans (i.e., bigger than minivans)

Running Vehicles (including EV and Hybrid) or Generators in the parking lot:
The parking is tight at this location and running of any vehicles or generators in the parking lot is not allowed at this event.

Reactive Dog Parking:
There will not be reactive dog parking at this trial.

Unentered Dogs:
Unentered dogs must remain in the competitor’s vehicle during the trial day. There will be ample potty areas, but
unentered dogs should not be allowed to “play”, exercise, or train on the trial grounds.

Smoking is not allowed on this event site, including the use of e-cigarettes

A list of area hotels is available here: HOTELS

Dog Policies
● All dogs must be on a 6’ leash at all times when not searching. NO flexi-leashes while not participating in a
competition search.
● Dogs that need space from dogs may wear a red bandana, provided by the dog’s handler, to help signal others that
the dog needs extra space from other dogs.
● Dogs will be toileted in designated areas and handlers must pick-up and dispose of waste.
● Dogs and handlers must stay in designated areas to avoid contaminating search space, interrupting a search, or
from viewing any part of the searching.
● Handlers should expect to keep their dogs confined in a crate or vehicle when not searching. The logistics of an

event typically do not allow for dogs to hang out on leash in between searches. Handlers should plan to provide their
own shade using canopies or shade cloths.
● Refer to Location Details (above) for information on unentered dogs.

Females in Season:
Females in season will be allowed to run wearing “pants” at the end of each search after all other dogs have been
judged. Handlers with females in season should park and toilet their dogs away from the other dogs if the location
logistics permit. Handlers must email the Pinkbiscuitk9s@gmail.com so plans can be made for the dog.

COVID-19 Information
Event attendees are required to adhere to the NACSW COVID-19 Event Guidelines and Rules
In addition to those guidelines the following changes and guidelines are in effect for this event due to COVID-19:
If there are any significant changes or updates after the draw period, handlers will be notified via email. Handlers are
responsible for staying up to date on any jurisdictional requirements for their home location as well as the event location
including any travel guidance.

Complete rules are available at www.NACSW.net. It is the responsibility of each handler to read and understand the
current NACSW Rule book prior to participating in a NACSW event.

By registering for the event, the handler hereby assumes all risks of, and responsibility for, accidents and/or damage to
her/himself or to her/his property or to others, resulting from the actions of her/his dog. The handler expressly agree that
the NACSW, Pink Biscuit K9s, Deann Hobson, Dawn Marando, Santa Clara Elementary School District and its assignees
or any other person, or persons, of said groups, shall not be held liable personally, or collectively, under any
circumstances, for injury, and/or damage to her/himself, for loss or injury to property, whether due to uncontrolled dogs or
negligence of any member of said groups, or any other cause, or causes. The handler also agrees to assume all financial
liability that may be incurred by the NACSW due to the actions of themselves or their dogs regardless of the cause.

All handlers and spectators are expected to follow the rules of the NACSW and demonstrate good sportsmanship. This
includes making sure the hide placements are unknown to the handler prior to searching and kept secret from other
handlers. Please do not discuss hide placement or any details of a dog's performance that may provide information or
clues to other handlers or may be overheard.

NACSW Results:
Results for each search and overall will be posted after all searches are completed and scores are verified for you to
record your results for your own records. It is your responsibility to ensure your scores are accurate prior to leaving trial
grounds. If a discrepancy cannot be verified at the trial, you may be instructed to submit a score card review request. It is
not the responsibility of the host or NACSW to return score sheets that are left behind or to mail ribbons that are not
picked up.

Additional guests are welcome, however spectating opportunities may be limited.
Please verify attendance policies with the host before bringing or inviting anyone not volunteering, competing, or

Spectators may not photograph or video searches.
Spectators are reminded that the hide placements must not be discussed nor should they speak with any handlers about
what they saw until after the event is complete.
No dogs will be allowed in the spectator area. No unentered dogs with spectators are allowed at the event.
An adult accompanying a minor must be present during the searches.
Everyone at the site must sign the waiver provided by the host and comply with all event requirements.
Handlers are not allowed to watch the searches at any time.

Videotaping and Photography:
If the site allows public video to be taken, handlers may wear visible head or chest cameras to record their searches. You
will not be allowed extra time at the start line to get your camera functioning. Please be sure it is ready to go prior to
arriving at the search area. Videos may not be made public until completion of the event day.
At the host's discretion, a photographer and/or video service may be present during the event to offer photos and/or
videos for sale to the handlers.
There is no photography or video allowed by spectators or volunteers.
As a condition of your entry, you agree to allow NACSW, or their agents, to video you and your dog during the entirety of
the NACSW event. These videos are the property of NACSW. All handlers, through entry at any NACSW event, waive
any and all rights relative to video broadcast or photography of such event.

Handlers can volunteer for any trial that they are not running in during a trial weekend. If you are available and not running
in the trial level, you are welcome to volunteer. If you know of someone who would like to volunteer, please go to
VOLUNTEERING to sign up.

Please email Pinkbiscuitk9s@gmail.com with any questions.

Your time and effort are GREATLY appreciated!

Emergency Veterinary Hospital:
The closest emergency veterinarian(s) to the event location can be found here: Veterinarians

All trial related questions, contact Pinkbiscuitk9s@gmail.com​